Poker and Poker tournaments-becoming popular with every passing day

The other thing that one should compare at the time of choosing the best suited Leading Poker Sites for him is the number of options that you have at the time of playing. See from the answers of playing with multiple cards is possible or not, if they have chatting option or not, the features of the game provided by them.

Also one must check before choosing his Leading Poker Sites the bonus provided. Various sites have their own policy regarding this matter and various are there which reward you after certain period of time and for various acts so check this out also and then choose your site to play. Who does not want to play Poker, with its greater popularity many casinos have brought about a culture of Poker tournament, where people can play either individually or in a group and can hold competitions and tournaments .These happen normally during festival times or events during summers or spring time.

Poker Tournaments as the name suggests are the tournaments where the players of the game Poker compete in between them. It can be of any type like only two players on a single table or a thousand of playing on as many tables. Usually the winner of such Poker Tournaments is the one which has won almost every chip of Poker and also the basis is of time also. 

The prizes of Poker Tournaments are awarded to the winning player by two ways, the one is called Fixed in which each placing has fixed amount of payoff, take an example for it like if there are ten players and they play at buy in tournament of $20 then it might happen that the player at first place will be rewarded with $100, the second will be $60 and the third will be given $40 while there will be no lower winner. The other way is called Proportional, in this type the wining money is decided on the basis of the percentage basis scale.

The playing format differs in every tournament but the most commonly followed is the knockout format. When a player has lost all his chips he will be getting eliminated and the table will shrink and the process will be followed till a player wins the game. In some tournaments, the player has the repair facility, these are called ruby tournaments and a player in it can buy more chips after losing all his chips. Another format of playing is the shootout format which has defined rounding of game in it and around 2 to 20 players can play this at a time, it is based on a tier system.

There are various Poker Tournaments which are being played all over the world but the list of well known Poker Tournaments is World Poker Tour, World Series of Poker both of these is being played. It’s about, come one come all culture where people team up and benefit each other.