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Anyone who has spent time watching old Westerns can tell you that scenes with poker games were mandatory to depict America's Old West. Poker can actually be traced back hundreds of years – some say to 10th century China while others point to the similar "As Nas" game which was popular in Persia in the 16th century. Historians identify the game of poker that we know today as a derivative of the 18th century French game of "poque" which combined these older games.

Poker began to come into its own in the 19th century in America and in Canada, after French settlers brought poque over with them to their settlements in Louisiana and in the far northern Canadian frontier. Its popularity spread up the Mississippi River to New Orleans and from there, it became a favourite of ranchers, cowboys and other westward pioneers.

Today, online poker is a highlight at the All Slots Casino where card game enthusiasts enjoy the challenge of poker as well as its numerous variations. The traditional poker hand is played with five cards but there are seven –card and three-card versions as well. The game involves a competition between the player and the dealer to determine which of the participants can build the strongest hand.

How to play Online Poker

Playing Online Poker is similar to offline poker. The player receives his cards and wagers on his prediction of the kind of hand that he'll be able to build with those cards. After his wager the player is allowed to trade in some (or all) of his cards. Following the trade, the dealer builds his hand and the two hands are compared. If the player has built the stronger hand, he wins the deal.

Poker hands can consist of pairs (the lowest hand), a hand with three of a kind, a hand with four of a kind, a full house (two of a kind and three of a kind), a straight (5 consecutively-numbered cards), a flush (cards that are all of one suit) and a straight-flush (combination of a straight and a flush).

Casino Slots

Increasingly, casino players in Canada are combining their poker gaming withtime at the slots machines. The two games are very different. Poker involves strategy and planning while slots is basically a game of spins and wins. In poker, there are numerous poker variations from which to choose – three-, five- or seven-card poker, stud poker, double bonus poker, deuces wild poker, double joker poker, bonus joker poker, American poker and more – while slots offers the low-key classic three-reel slot machine or the higher-energy five-reel video slots. But many poker players find that, when they alternate their poker gaming with some relaxing slots action, they experience a more satisfying and rewarding gaming event.

All Slots Casino gamers are treated to dynamic slots adventure that offers slots themes and storylines to fit any interest of fantasy. AllSlots slot machine themes include plots of intrigue, romance, mysticism, magic, history, science fiction, whimsy, humor, adventure, travel and more.

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