Poker History

Everyone wants to know how an exciting game full with wittiness and excitement, thrill and skills evolved. Poker according to most people playing in casinos is a game, which has its roots in US, and it is not more than 100 years when people invented Poker. You would be surprised soon as according to latest sources, it was invented in 10th and has its roots in China when Mu-Tsung was its ruler. In first form of poker, all guidelines, regulations, tricks and strategies more or less relate to the newest form of Poker. Only change, which one could spot, is use of dominos. Ancient poker games were played with dominos instead of cards.

After 300 years, it got more and more popular among kings and rulers around the world. Be it Egypt or India, gamblers from all the nationalities had liking for poker. Interestingly, people changed dominos and used ivory and other wooden pieces to play it. That's how it got introduced to developed countries of Europe and got different names being used in different countries. When European rulers conquered US colonies, they took this game with them and it got much famous in Louisiana on its arrival. Ask anyone who read books of philosophers from 18th century and they would tell you that it was recognized as a game of cheating where opponents with bluffing skills are more deserving.

Be it any kind of allegation, players coming to online casinos are attracted towards different forms of poker and even don't mind trying their hands on online video poker. Unlike other games, Poker history dates back to 10th century making it one of the ancient games of gambling. Future of poker shines as well as newbies entering into online casinos dream of playing poker at least once in their lifetime. Enjoy the historical game of poker with offers, deals and strategies.